Paige Watts, Atlanta Author and ‘What’s With Atlanta?’

Rick talks with Atlanta author and author of the new book: What’s With Atlanta?

Paige Watts

Why is every street in Atlanta named “Peachtree”? What do Atlantans mean when they say “Inside the Perimeter” or “Outside the Perimeter”? Why can’t Atlanta handle a little snow? Why do locals hate it when you call it “Hotlanta”? These and many of your other burning questions about life in Atlanta make up What’s With Atlanta?, a guide to some of the most unique aspects of Georgia’s capital city.

Author Paige Watts dives deep into the history and culture of Atlanta, from its beginnings as a railroad hub to its status as “Hollywood of the South.” Atlanta is full of one-of-a-kind attractions, unique festivals and traditions, architectural marvels, and a mix of Southern comfort food and international cuisines that make it a city unlike any other.

Want to know how Atlanta became the home of the Braves or what part fried chicken played in the Civil Rights Movement? This book will satisfy your curiosity about all the little things that make Atlanta tick and all the big events that shaped the city’s history. Whether you’re a local or are just passing through, a tourist or a life-long resident, this entertaining guide will answer all these questions and more.

Seasoned travel writer and Atlanta local Paige Watts has spent a decade writing about all things travel. She chronicles her journeys on her blog,, where she highlights the joys of visiting Southern destinations. In addition to her blog, Paige has written for a number of online and print publications, including the Culture Trip, Matador Network, Epicure & Culture, MSN, and Travel the South. She received a double Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Evansville in Creative Writing and Literature, with a minor in International Studies.

Here’s some talking points from the book:

Atlanta has over 70 streets with “Peachtree” in the name.

Atlanta was founded as the end of a train line, which is where it got its original name Terminus.

Atlanta is a haven of street art with over 200 murals.

Atlanta Pride started as a 100-person rally and has grown to a massive month-long celebration in October.

The Fox Theatre was originally built in the 1920s as the headquarters for Atlanta’s Shriners organization.

Atlanta is at the center of Georgia’s film industry, earning it the nickname “Hollywood of the South” – In 2016, there were more major films made in Georgia than in California.

Buford Highway has more than 1,000 immigrant-owned businesses, more than 100 of which are restaurants.

The Big Chicken, Marietta’s beloved landmark, is so distinct that pilots use the building as a reference point when landing.

The Braves are the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in the country.

Atlanta has the largest concentration of colleges and universities in the South.