Nicole Tirado, CEO of Tearado Tech

Rick is joined by Nicole Tirado of Tearado Tech, this week.

Nicole is the CEO of Tearado Tech. She is trying to make healthier living simple despite a hectic schedule, unanswered emails and crumbs on the kitchen floor with the smart and sustainable teaware collection.

By infusing tea + technology, she has led Tearado Tech to create the first Smart Tea Tumbler and tea travel collection. When she’s not working she is indoor cycling, squeezing macadamia nuts through a cheesecloth and concocting new plant based meals for her loquacious toddler, Phoenix Joli.

Nicole is a certified SCRUM Master and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from the State University of New York at Cortland. She has 10 years of experience creating new experiences, products and programs. She helped ideate and produce the first New York Knicks Poetry Slam at Madison Square Garden in 2006. She began her professional career managing $10M in sales at the largest Consumer Packaged Goods corporation in the tobacco sector (Altria Group, formerly Phillip Morris USA). She then transitioned to the Tech sector in 2011 and helped birth the first open source Public Cloud with NASA. She designed the sales readiness program preparing US and APAC sales for launch. She then transitioned to London in 2014 and traveled the United Kingdom instructing business owners on how to leverage Hybrid Cloud to scale their businesses.

Let’s talk tea.

TeaRado Tech debuted the first wireless self-heating smart tea tumbler at CES 2019. Now drinkers can get hot tea from the first sip to the last.

While the US tea industry is only $25 billion away from being on par with coffee, there are still far less products for the tea enthusiast on the market than there are for java fans. TeaRado Tech is debuting the only wireless, self-heating smart tea tumbler that executes the heating of water, steeping of tea leaves and removal of the leaves.

TeaRado Tech’s eco-friendly and sustainable wireless self-heating smart tea tumbler heats water from room temperature to 170 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 20 minutes. To brew tea, the tumbler utilizes an automatic reverse French press that allows the loose leaf tea leaves to be exposed to water for a set duration of time before pushing them out of the water and sealing them off in a vacuum until the second steep or the user disposes them. Each tumbler will make two cups of tea at a time, is fully portable during the heating process and maintains liquid temperature for up to 13 hours. Removable, rechargeable batteries will be included with each wireless self-heating smart tea tumbler.
The corresponding app allows the user to control steep time, water temperature and will integrate seamlessly with other smart devices.

Check out what accessories are available so far here:

TeaRado Tech’s wireless self-heating smart tea tumbler will retail for $150, including the app. A crowdfunding campaign is set to launch in 2019 and direct to consumer and retail orders are estimated to start being fulfilled in January 2020.
For more information, please visit TeaRado Tech at www.TeaRado.Tech.

Thanks to Nicole for coming and being a great interview and best of luck moving forward.

Notes: There is a trend for many athletes of those looking to stay healthy – instead of sodas, diet drinks and sports drinks… many turning to tea.

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Nicole Tirado