Mike Gioseffi, Professional Sports Collector, Card Shop Live

Rick talks with sports collector, Mike Gioseffi this week.

“Heavy hitters” have launched a comprehensive platform for international trading.

The recently launched Card Shop Live is a mobile and web marketplace for buying, trading, and selling sports cards, memorabilia, and collectibles. Created to attract serious collectors as well as new hobbyists, the Card Shop Live platform brings enthusiasts together to discover, chat and purchase easily from the palm of your hand, 24/7. Now, users have access to live streaming shopping, live breaks, interviews, exclusive events, and auctions, giving people another way to browse, sell and buy in an environment that is often found offline.

Founded by Gioseffi, co-host of the podcast Sports Cards Nonsense on The Ringer, and five other sports and culture enthusiasts, Card Shop Live completed a funding round, which secured $1.5M, and was led by SGC. This round of financing will further enable the company to refine its technology, grow its relationships with trusted partners and vetted sellers, and create new tools to support its growing community as they reimagine the shopping experience.

“Trust, quality, and community have been our top priorities when designing and launching this new live streaming marketplace,” said Gioseffi, President of Card Shop Live. “I have been collecting for 25 years, and I wanted to ensure a fun and safe way for people to expand their collections, so we have heavily focused our seller vetting and curation process to make sure our community has the best shopping experience.”

Card Shop Live’s community-first approach has led them to integrate features, including chat, direct messaging, and user forums on products that provide a more interactive and transparent shopping experience. Currently, there is a curated selection of vetted sellers with shops that offer live breaks, auctions, and exclusive events for trading cards and comics. Soon they will be expanding their TCG selection of sellers, with additional hobby shops coming soon.

Built by some of the most trusted names in collecting, including Gioseffi. With investors including SGC the most trusted name in sports card grading ( https://www.gosgc.com/) Card Shop Live is currently the only spot for participating in Panini blockchain sports card breaks! With the Panini blockchain integrated into the (app. https://www.panini.es/shp_esp_es/blockchain.html)

The platform allows sellers to sell products in real-time to users. Their live auction technology also allows users to upvote what product they want listed next. Users can also participate in NFT sports card breaks and also chat and direct message other users to discuss trading during a break.