John Ellis, Roll Ranger

Rick talks with inventor, John Ellis about why his latest product is a must-have gadget this holiday season?

Ellis is the founder of Optics for Hire and the inventor of Roll Ranger, the world’s first tape edge sensor that solves the everyday problem of losing the edge of the tape. This nifty device is the stocking stuffer you never knew you needed; saving you time, money, and frustration of split tape when wrapping Christmas presents. It could make a great addition to a list of holiday hacks or similar types of articles. Ellis and his inventions have been featured in Boston Globe, NBC4, SFGate, LinkedIn, and many others.

Certain inventions solve a problem so easily that you wonder how you ever got through life without it, and the Roll Ranger is one of those inventions! Have you ever struggled searching for the edge of the tape or end up tearing it then opting for a new roll? Roll Ranger has come to rescue, and is the ultimate solution to all your tape troubles. Say goodbye to tape frustration, and unwrap the gift of convenience this holiday season with Roll Ranger!

The Roll Ranger is the perfect gift for anyone in your family and makes an excellent stocking stuffer for every household.

Available for only $12.99 on Amazon, Ace Hardware, and the Roll Ranger Store.

Hear what it can do for you…