Guy Aharon, CEO, Co-founder PlayerMaker

Rick is going to talk a little soccer this week. Only appropriate with the Women’s World Cup getting underway.

He is joined by Guy Aharon, the CEO and co-founder of sports technology company PlayerMaker, a boot-mounted device that tracks and analyses players’ technical, tactical and physical performance on and off the ball. He previously founded sports optimisation company Motionize and has held various leadership and executive positions. Guy studied Law and Business Administration at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel and has a military background having served in the Israeli Navy.

Easy to operate and highly affordable, PlayerMaker provides coaches, sports scientists and analysts with highly accurate tracking data on all academy players. Our solution enables effective trialist assessment and skills evaluation according to any academy’s gold standards.

Implement plug-’n-play solution quickly (no infrastructure, no installation)
Track all academy players’ participation
Assess new talent rapidly and effectively using academy gold standards
Harness accurate performance monitoring
Enjoy affordable football academy-oriented solution


At the heart of PlayerMaker’s solution is a small yet advanced motion sensor. Designed to strap comfortably on the player’s footwear, the sensor can optimally sense and classify each foot and ball interaction and each footstep. Acting as an extension of the player’s foot, the ergonomically designed strap transfers all foot movement directly to the motion sensor.

Unique silicon housing is designed to keep the sensor board safe under any impact and it is highly resilient and able to withstand rough use. The sensor is small, lightweight, easy to wear, and requires very little maintenance. Located on a ball-free shoe zone, the sensor causes no interference when a player kicks the ball or undertakes any other football activity.

Great to talk with Guy. He has a ton of valuable information to share and is an innovator in the sports tech space.