Eric Napoli, VP of Legal and Leader of the Tech & Innovation team at AirHelp

The more we fly, the more we might need AirHelp.

AirHelp makes claiming compensation for delayed or canceled flights straightforward for all airline passengers who are unsure of their rights, or who lack the time or expertise to embark on the claims process themselves. AirHelp stands up to airlines in court, and campaigns for national governments to introduce fair air travel rights. AirHelp has helped countless passengers through its fight for compensation and justice from airlines.

Rick is joined by Eric Napoli of AirHelp.

Napoli is VP of Legal and Leader of the Tech & Innovation team at AirHelp, the world’s largest organization specializing in air passenger rights. Eric is also a professor at IE Business School, as well as Headspring, a joint venture between the Financial Times & IE University’s Business School. Prior to joining AirHelp, Eric worked at Amadeus IT group as their Senior Counsel, where he led a  global team of lawyers supporting Amadeus’ worldwide Airport IT, Rail, Innovation and Advertising business units. Eric lives in Madrid, Spain, where he has been based for over 20 years. Eric earned his J.D. from American University and his MBA from IE Business School.

Eric helps us learn our rights when flying.