Aly Teich from Sleep Club and The Sweat Life

If good sleep is something you want for the holidays, Rick is joined by Sleep Club’s Aly Teich to talk about some products that can provide you with a better night’s sleep.

Following a ten-year career in media and marketing — Late Show with David Letterman, Conde Nast, and others — Aly Teich switched her focus to health and wellness in 2013 after her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That autumn, she founded The Sweat Life, a web-based community that focuses, as Aly says, “on helping you live your best life — because there is no best of anything unless it is BEST FOR YOU.” Combining professional experience with personal passion, Aly fulfills her desire to help others live healthier lifestyles while changing the conversation around health and wellness in the media.

After listening to Rick and Aly, you might want to consider product offerings from Sleep Club, a new online destination that is at the intersection where healthy sleep fuels an inspired awake life. Sleep Club has curated an incredible line of products perfect for gift giving.

The holiday season can be a stressful time with all of the traveling, cooking, shopping, and baking. To help your loved ones and friends gain the sleep and relaxation they deserve this holiday season, please find a soothing assortment of products that will be sure to keep them relaxed before and after the holidays and ready to tackle the New Year, including the Novella Sleep Perfume, Bath Tea and Bath Bomb, all packed up in the the Sleep Weekender Bag from the Sleep Club Collection.

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