Alex McCarthy, CEO of CheerLife

Rick is joined by Alex McCarthy of CheerLife this week.

CheerLife is the first and only digital social platform designed to connect the entire world of cheer while tracking, changing, and rewarding behavior in athletes all over the world. Created by a team of cheerleading world champions and Skylab’s cutting-edge technology, the app collaborates with influencers, sponsors, and brands to help recognize and reward young athletes for being consistent and reaching their goals.

CheerLife’s partnership with Skylab has enabled them to team up with major brands such as German sportswear manufacturer, Puma.

Puma is now rewarding athletes who display the following basic building blocks of life with 25% off all purchases at

McCarthy said they stress:

  1. Actions to become a better cheerleader
  2. Actions to become a better person
  3. Actions to make the world a better place

Example actions include positive behaviors such as completing homework, giving parents compliments, and making a new friend.

The kids earn digital badges for completing these actions a set amount of times and then modeling their behavior for others by sharing online and within the CheerLife app.

“We are excited to team up with such a motivational brand. It’s a great feeling to align with a brand such as Puma simply to reward those student-athletes that work hard both on and off the mat” – Alex McCarthy, CEO of CheerLife.
McCarthy explains that there are big plans to keep growing in the future as the sport of cheerleading keeps growing.

McCarthy is a successful engineer, that turned the idea of connecting the cheerleading industry with an application into a reality for cheerleaders across the globe.

Running the show from San Diego, California, Alex has a vast array of experience both in and out of the cheer world. He has competed at the top level as an athlete, coach, and choreographer – competing & coaching with the California All-Stars since 2007. Accompanying a very successful career in cheer, Alex can be seen in films such as Bring it On 5: Fight to the Finish and Fired Up. Outside of cheer, Alex’s experience is in engineering, with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering.

Alex McCarthy