Scott Fuller Of Bogey Tees Off

As an aspiring screenwriter, Scott fell into the art department. After a few years in the union, he returned to Virginia to open a retail pottery studio and got married. His desire to write continued and the initial concept of Bogey was penned as an animated feature film. But it wasn’t until after starting a family, nights reading books to his son, and the encouragement of his wife, did Scott decide to dust off Bogey and develop it into a children’s book series. The idea of creating a book that would capture a golf Dad’s interest, allowing him to bond with his children, and help get the next generation interested in the game of golf and growing children through the golf was inspiring. So with the help of some close friends, Dottie Pepper, and others who believe in the vision, Bogey Ballton and the world of Scooter Pines was born!