Neil Myers, Award-Winning Documentarian and Triathlete, ‘Climb’

Rick talks with Neil Myers, an award winning documentarian and amateur triathlete this week on ‘Tech of Sports.’

Myers has a new documentary out!


Climb – a heartwarming documentary about a triathlete’s inspirational journey back from a near-death accident. Neil Myers is an amateur triathlete – sometimes competing in individual triathlons (where he completes all three – swim, bike and running portions), and sometimes as part of a relay team as their cyclist. Four years ago, at the age of 61, Neil and his relay team had just won the biggest race of their life, the NYC Triathlon. Four weeks later – he was fighting for his life in the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital ICU.

Neil talks about that an more!

Climb is a love story of cycling, of the 300 people in the community that brought Neil back to the start line in Santa Barbara, and Neil’s family, who were there every step of the way. Climb was an official selection at 40 film festivals in the US, Canada, and Europe. It has won 26 awards, including best documentary, best original score, best cinematography, best editing, and others.

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